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Adult Payment Gateway

The adult industry is one of the most high risk ventures in the global market. Consequently banks and credit card processors fear the possible chargebacks and the high possibilities of credit card scams associated with them and therefore shy away from banking such businesses. So, what is a merchant in this industry to do when in need of an Adult Payment Gateway?

American Merchant Systems is your answer to Adult Merchant Accounts which are cost-effective and that provide real-time processing solutions. Our experience in the merchant account industry has assisted us to design payment gateways that assure adult industry businesses of fraud-free transactions and which enable them to handle high volume sales.

With American Merchant Systems you receive an Adult Payment Gateway that makes recurring billing a very easy process. Our accounts and transactions systems are suitable for adult sites involved in streaming live video or in the sale of adult DVD and videos. Our systems support credit card transactions in the US and Europe meaning that your venture will enjoy business on a global scale. We also support prepaid adult credit cards. Our payment gateway is available for you whether you need an offshore or domestic merchant account or both. Regardless of your sales volumes we are confident that we can keep your account running and this with no volume caps requirements.

The seasoned industry veterans at American Merchant Systems have developed an Adult Payment Gateway system that is replete with highly sophisticated architecture to ensure reliable and secure connections but which is also easy to use and hassle-free to setup. This is also the perfect gateway for merchants who cannot find or access adult merchant accounts in their countries outside the US, UK and Europe.