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Finding The Best Merchant Services Provider To Partner Up With

While you might have had a challenging experience applying for a merchant account for your “high risk” business, when you start searching specifically for a high risk merchant service provider you will probably find there are quite a few options available, and the challenge turns into finding one that is best suited to your business needs. Not all providers offer the same level of service, fraud prevention measures and low transaction fees, so it makes sense to do some research while you are shopping to find the best deal and the best value for your short or long term needs. Here are some ideas on what to look for, to help you get started.


While you need to find merchant services that are flexible to your business requirements, you also need to partner up with a company that is experienced in dealing with your line of business. Each industry comes with its own set of challenges and benefits, and a provider that offers services to companies similar to yours will have a better package suited to your requirements.

A Quick Application Process

You have probably already invested many hours trying to find a suitable provider, so merchant services that enable you to apply quickly and conveniently should be shortlisted first. Online payments can grow your business substantially, and the longer it takes to finalize the process, the quicker you will be able to start making more profits.

Customer Service

Other merchant providers may have made you feel as though your business risks outweighed the benefits, but the reality is that high risk businesses are highly lucrative and very profitable, and there are providers out there that value this nature of business. Efficient and friendly customer service is a necessity, and with so much competition you need to partner up with a company that shares your vision for providing high quality customer service experiences.

Processing and Transaction Fees

If your customers make regular check payments, you need to find a merchant who will offer you offshore check processing, at affordable transaction rates. You need to be able to build your transaction fees into the cost of your services or products, so cost effective rates mean that you can still afford to offer low prices to your clients and accept their payment method.

There are a number of high risk merchant service providers on the market, but do not feel rushed into making a decision. Do your research to find the best long term solution and a company where you can establish a relationship that is mutually beneficial.