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International Merchant Accounts

The onset of shopping via the internet has virtual payment systems to thank for facilitating credit card transactions. Initially these businesses could not serve customers from other countries due to currency differences and therefore International Merchant Accounts were developed to help these businesses to attract customers on a global scale. There are different types of these accounts given that Ecommerce businesses differ in terms of the risks they carry. In this regard American Merchant Systems has just the right international merchant account you need to facilitate online transaction payments through credit cards.

These types of accounts do not require any special setup processes and can therefore be activated through regular banks. American Merchant Systems is thus able to provide International Merchant Accounts thanks to our established relations with domestic and offshore banks and accounts, check guarantee and conversion services, ACH check processors, ATM machines, and third party credit card processors.

Our system’s working is quite simple. It starts by checking the shopping card list and then proceeds to the customer’s card to check for any suspicious activity. Upon authorization the customer receives a link that is required to obtain a downloadable product e.g. software, or the vendor releases the purchased item for shipping. According to research many customers trust Internet Merchant Accounts and therefore having one of these is expected to encourage more sales for your business.

American Merchant Systems main task is to capture, secure and communicate billing and credit card information to the bank’s credit card authorization systems. Our International Merchant Accounts therefore come with a merchant management center, shopping cart software and a fraud screening facility. We are open to businesses outside the United States and therefore such clients can now enjoy the benefits that come along with multicurrency trading.