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Online Credit Card Processing

The world of ecommerce could never have been complete without credit cards and which have served to make the payment of transactions very easy. However, credit card payment is also ecommerce’ Achilles heel as it is the target of many fraudulent activities. Online businesses find it a taxing and expensive affair to maintain secure payment systems internally and this has led to banks keeping away from them as the associated risks of banking them are often too high. Having a secure credit card system is pertinent to sustaining your business as customers cannot risk shopping in sites where their credit card information can be stolen. As such, ecommerce ventures need Online Credit Card Processing services and this is where American Merchant Systems comes in.

We are a High Risk Merchant Account Provider with vast experience in developing credit card management systems that save ebusinesses a whole deal of trouble with regards to handling payments online. Our Online Credit Card Processing services seek to provide a problem-free payment system that customers will find easy to maneuver through. Our choice application for secure and real-time processing of credit cards and even checks is the E-ProcessingNetwork. We have infused this payment gateway system with antifraud mechanisms so as to realize the qualities of trust and reliability that monetary matters demand. This way, by ensuring complete satisfaction among your present and potential customers you will be paving way for increased business.

Part of our Online Credit Card Processing service at American Merchant Systems is to make it easy for ebusiness owners to keep track of their sales volumes. As such, other than antifraud systems, our payment gateways also feature a shopping cart and a fast transaction order form. We are well capable of processing all the five major credits cards i.e. Diners Club, MasterCard, Visa, American Express and Discover.