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Online Merchant Accounts

Cash payments are fast becoming a thing of the past as more people are opting for credit cards. Research has revealed that currently many people do not carry cash. Even businesses that sell low priced items are increasingly at the risk of losing out on customers carrying debt cards and will certainly have little or no place in online shopping. To be able to accept credit card transactions businesses need Online Merchant Accounts and American Merchant Systems is here to help you to obtain this type of merchant account.

At we work in conjunction with different banks, account providers, and credit card and check processors. We are therefore well placed to connect you with the right online account and provider for your sort of business. Part of our agenda is to enable Online Merchant Accounts to receive multicurrency so that you can thus trade seamlessly with customers from across the globe. It is very clear that opening up this type of account with banks is an exhausting process (replete with requirements for good credit history, a well established account and so on) and all this because online transactions are predisposed to fraud. However, with our mandate of transferring payments across the internet it is much easier for you to obtain and setup this account.

Our Online Merchant Accounts come coupled with shopping cart and SSL security to protect the credit card information of your customers and indeed that of your account. Our goal is to make the transfer of money from the customer’s account to the merchant’s bank faster, easier and safer. This way you are saved from all the mindboggling and exhausting paperwork, mailing, phone calls and labor costs incurred in data entry.