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Online Merchant Services

Many if not all businesses are seeking a presence online as most people have turned to online stores since they make shopping affordable, convenient and easy. Most transactions online are facilitated through credit cards and for your business to offer this convenience it needs a merchant account.

Different businesses carry with them varying degrees of risk and some like the adult industry, online casinos, tobacco traders, replica businesses and escort services are continuously at the risk of falling prey to credit card scams. Accordingly, all businesses, including the low-risk ones, require Online Merchant Services to maintain and secure their accounts and payment gateways, and this is the area of specialty for American Merchant Systems.

Our Online Merchant Services involve facilitating the transfer of funds from the customer’s account to the merchant’s account. It further involves the development of security mechanisms to detect and stop any fraudulent activities that may be targeted at your account. At American Merchant Systems we also endeavor to make your payment gateways easy to use so that customers can experience zero difficulty when purchasing from your website. These are services that are bound to keep your business alive and competitive in the face of thousands of other businesses similar to yours and which are all hosted by the internet.

We are well connected with multiple banks and credit card processors enough to provide you with any merchant account that your business may need including the Offshore, International, Domestic, Third Party, High Risk and Low Risk. Whether you are after a single or multiple accounts, our Online Merchant Services will sufficiently handle all your processing needs and keep your account running smoothly without volume caps. Feel free to complete our Non Obligation form and we will duly contact you with a banking solution that is right for your business.