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Third Party Merchant Accounts

Not all online ventures can afford the costs required to set up a merchant account and this means missing out on the business opportunities available with credit card buyers. Fortunately, at American Merchant Systems we have a solution for such circumstances in our Third Party Merchant Accounts. This is whereby we accept and receive credit card payments on behalf of your business. This solution is not only targeted at startup ventures but also for large corporations whose sales volumes or high risk businesses may appear to be too much of a risk for banks or other merchant account providers.

With Third Party Merchant Accounts your trading platform remains the same but the payment is redirected to the third party’s website. At American Merchant Systems we understand that this may not go down well with your customers and this is why we provide customizable payment forms so that the customers will hardly be able to detect that they have left your website to make payments.

Just as you would expect, our third party plan carries a very affordable application fee, is easy to start up, and features a fast setup procedure. Our longstanding relations with different banks allow us to have lower transaction rates as compared to our competitors. Further, the customizable portal reduces chances of customer confusion and which often results in refund demands and chargebacks, both of which can typically cause a rise in the transaction rates.

Our Third Party Merchant Accounts come integrated with fraud protection software, shopping cart and payment gateway, and all these enable you to start accepting credits cards in as little as 24 hours. Our payment portal is also easy to maneuver and thus you can rest assured that your customers will not any experience difficulty in getting past it.